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Welcome to Sacred Vibrations

My name is Amber Arnold and I am the Founder of Sacred Vibrations Sound Healing. I am a Sound Healer certified by the International Academy of Sound Healing, a Reiki Practitioner, Traditional Folx Herbalist , Ritual and Sacred Ceremony Curator, With various trainings in a wide variety of healing modalities. 

Sound Healing is at the root of all the work I do. I have a deep understanding of the way frequency, vibration, and resonance effect the cellular functions of the body. Sound Healing is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years to harmonize, relieve stress, and bring balance to the human body, and in many ways imitates the vibrational healing that our earth uses to balance and heal itself. 

So What Happens In a Sound Healing Session?

First thing is first, What do you want your life to look like? How do you want your body to feel? What makes you feel whole? This is where we begin our work together. Though your past experiences and trauma play a role in how you manage pain and suffering, In the Resonant Health Model we focus much of our attention on what is right in the body and we develop skills, techniques, rituals, and tools to bring all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit back into this sacred alignment. This does not mean that you will always be happy and never experience stress ever again, in fact, what you will gain is much, much better. We will work towards learning how to manage suffering in a healthy meaningful way,  experience and explore discomfort and the sensations of discomfort in the body while building resilience in a safe setting, and we will fill your tool box with healing tools from this land and the wisdom of our ancestors and healers before us so that you can reconnect with the divine and experience freedom, balance, and harmony within your own body!

All of the sound healing sessions I offer are personalized to your individual needs. You aren't a robot, you won't fit in a box, and I don't want to put you in one. You are an incredible sacred being and you deserve to heal your body and transform your life in the way that works best for you! Together we will explore what this looks like and your sessions will be curated accordingly. That being said, I would like to share with you some of the typical things you may experience in a sound healing session. For one, well, SOUND HEALING! I use crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and tuning forks in our sessions together. These vibrational tools are placed on and around the body and played at specific frequencies and patterns to retrain the cells in your body to vibrate at their natural frequencies. Sound is an incredibly powerful tool. It has been used to break up kidney cells, explode cancer cells, calm the nervous system, and so much more. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Once we find these frequencies we can bring them back into balance, release blocked energy from the meridians, and allow the bodies energy channels to flow naturally again. Other things we can explore in our sessions together include plant journey's, herbal plant medicine, ritual making to bring you back into relationship with the earth, toning exercises, mindfulness based guided meditations, and so much more.


Sacred Vibrations 5 Healing Principles

1. Indigenize- We realize that this world, in 2019, is a space we now share with technology, cars, and other things that were not present when our ancestors roamed the earth. Instead of looking to remove all of these idiosyncrasies from our lives, to Indigenize we add sacred practice, ceremony, and ritual to our experience while exploring our own lineage and ancestral knowledge and bringing honor, love, light, and recognition to the earth and those whom these sacred practices belong.

* This is a concept that was shared with me by another incredible healer, Naomi Moody. 

2. Reintegrate- Webster defines this as "to integrate again into an entity : restore to unity" In this way we work to honor all parts of ourselves and retrieve those parts that have been sanctioned off into the abyss, giving them refuge and a sacred job to keep them busy. For example, Fear is healthy, it keeps us from burning our hands on hot stoves, running into the middle of the road, etc. When we have an imbalance of fear in our body it is experienced as anxiety, a heightened sense of fear that can wreak havoc on our nervous systems and other areas of our lives.. Instead of running from this part we learn, over time, to embrace it, love it, and give it a job it can thrive in, so it isn't going off on auto pilot firing at inappropriate times.

3. Realign- During our journey, we continue practicing and coming back to the parts of ourselves that are already vibrating at their natural frequencies. In order to realign and come back to our natural state of being we must acknowledge and honor the process. Where we are, what is happening right now, and the steps we must take as we begin to realign with the divine, the earth, and the balance within, our natural state.

4. Transform- Ahhhh transformation. We are transforming every moment of everyday, always a little bit different than the moment before. We begin to honor and recognize our transformation thus far and continue our sacred intention, ritual, and ceremony practices that we have curated to keep us in divine alignment.

5. Liberate!- Freedom! In Sacred Vibrations Sound Healing Liberation is the ultimate focus of our work together. My intention for you is that you develop practices, balance, and healing tools that you can use everyday, and that you begin to see that all the healing you ever needed was inside of you all along. My hope is to help you discover how incredible you are and support you in unlocking the wisdom within to heal your body and transform your life.


Amber is an amazing healer and was able to clearly identify and touch on the areas in which I needed restoration the most. She is full of positive energy, love and knowledge which immediately provides a level of comfort and ease. Post visiting her my energy was positively replenished mentally, spiritually and physically. Her skills have helped me to recenter and address head on the areas in my life that were causing an imbalance.

-Lanasia Fuller-Bay,

Director Natural Intake  


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