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Welcome to Sacred Vibrations

My name is Amber Arnold and I am the Founder of Sacred Vibrations. I am a sound healer, a reiki practitioner, plant worker , Ritual and Sacred Ceremony manifestor, Cultural somatics lineage holder, embodied movement practitioner, graphic designer, liberatory magic manifestor, Ifá devotee, systems changer, among many things! 

I deeply believe in the power of community to collectively heal and liberate people from a culture that is ready to transform. I share wisdom from my many traditions and work as an organizer, Equity and Liberation coordinator, and more. I bring people together and support them in transforming trauma, transforming culture, transforming community, and shifting ideas of liberation and freedom to embodied realities and sense of belonging. I use ritual, sound healing, somatics, movement, ceremony, song, and a liberatory framework to do this work.

How can you work with me?

I Offer:

  • Ancestral Somatics & Lineage Healing Sessions

  • Private Sound Healing Sessions

  • Group Sound Baths, Rituals, and Ceremonies

  • Teaching engagements for schools and youth programs centering food justice, anti-racism, transforming trauma, and mindfulness.

  • Consulting work for organizations or communities looking to dismantle oppression, racism, and white supremacy in their organization in an embodied and collective way.

  • Group sound baths and movement classes  for organizations to co-regulate, settle the nervous system, and clear the mind.


Sacred Vibrations 5 Liberatory Principles

1. Transform- If you have ever worked with me you have probably heard me ask..Do you want to be comfortable? or do you want to be nourished? To many this distinction is hard to catch at first but there is a huge difference. Sometimes it can be hard for us to find the desire to transform or shift, especially when "privilege" is involved as there is a perceived comfort, but are we nourished? When engaging with me in collective healing this is something we often explore in terms of the self AND the community. What does nourishment look like in your body? what does it feel like? what sensations to your experience in your body in relation to nourishment? what would it look like for your community to be nourished? what would this feel like for you? Transformation and nourishment are the beginning stages of liberatory healing and we often explore these concepts through the body, breath, movement, somatics, vibration, and plant spirit work.

2. Co-Regulate- There is no "I" in healing...ok well maybe there is one "I" but it's way at the end of the word! Healing is done collectively, in community, in relationship with others. This is how our ancestors moved through trauma and what we need to experience to settle our nervous systems into a safe state. In our process we practice co-regulating with one another, within community, and within our culture as a whole. Where our culture strives for independence we see co-regulation as interdependence. In this practice our bodies begin to shift and realign with the vibrations of the other regulated bodies around us.

3. Systems Change- Our culture has been based on a system of injustice, white supremacy, and deep rooted violence. This is deeply ingrained into our policies, systems, structures, and ways of interacting with one another. In order to truly experience healing and liberation we must being to dismantle these systems within our own bodies and in the spaces we occupy and benefit from. Our liberation is interwoven with one another and we all have a responsibility to change systems using our creative gifts that we have access to. The first step is in our own bodies. Once we are stabilized and have the skills to tune into our bodies and befriend sensation..we can begin to shift and transform systems that don't serve us or our collective communities. 

4. Integrate- Webster defines this as "to integrate again into an entity : restore to unity" In this way we work to honor all parts of ourselves and retrieve those parts that have been sanctioned off into the abyss, giving them refuge and a sacred job to keep them busy. For example, Fear is healthy, it keeps us from burning our hands on hot stoves, running into the middle of the road, and working ourselves too hard. When we have an imbalance of fear in our body it is experienced as anxiety, a heightened sense of fear that can blow through our gentle nervous systems and other areas of our lives.. Instead of running from this part we learn, over time, to embrace it, love it, and give it a job it can thrive in, so it isn't going off on auto pilot firing at inappropriate times. To integrate we combine the collective wisdom from the previous liberatory principles we have begun to develop within our practice and our bodies and we integrate it to continue to embody our practice.

5. Liberate!- Freedom! In Sacred Vibrations Liberation is the ultimate manifestation of the road of our work together (Liberation transforms over time and is also a life process). By collectively practicing embodying and creating a new culture that aligns with our vision we begin to experience what liberation looks, tastes, smells, and feels like in our bodies and in our communities. This isn't a far reaching ideal..this is a beautiful gift that belongs to and all your relations!


Amber is an amazing healer and was able to clearly identify and touch on the areas in which I needed restoration the most. She is full of positive energy, love and knowledge which immediately provides a level of comfort and ease. Post visiting her my energy was positively replenished mentally, spiritually and physically. Her skills have helped me to recenter and address head on the areas in my life that were causing an imbalance.

-Lanasia Fuller-Bay,

Director Natural Intake  


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